OpenStreetMap reaches 100,000 registered users

OpenStreetMap today announced that the number of registered users had reached 100,000. It has taken a little over 18 months since the 10,000th registered user and under 5 years since the first. The map has been growing fast with high quality levels in areas where multiple mappers have been working and for a growing number of places the OpenStreetMap provides better mapping data than from commercial providers. Flickr now uses OpenStreetMap mapping for Bejing, Kabul, Baghdad and Tokyo.

Analysing the data with OSM Mapper (developed by ITO World with funding from Ideas in Transit) one finds that there is a very steep curve of contribution with over half the 1 million linear and area features having been last edited by the top 41 contributors and half the remaining 3259 contributors making less than 10 edits. The image below shows the pattern of contribution by the top 14 UK contributors.
United Kingdom - Major Contributors

In addition to individual imports their are also many significant bulk imports including a project to import the UK NaPTAN dataset giving details of over 360,000 UK bus stops and other public transport access points with permission from the Department for Transport and from Traveline.

OpenStreeMap has enabled many other significant initiatives, including cycle maps, routing for pedestrians, cyclists as well as for drivers and traffic modeling. Some of these projects are detailed in the OpenStreetMap category of the Ideas in Transit wiki.


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